Trailer  'From the full to the void' 

Directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun
Original Music by: Sigur Rós (Hafsol version 1997 and 2007)
International space orchestra 

Edited by Romain Lamy, Cindy Lo and Emilie Pigeard

Sound editing and mixing supervisor: Tim Olden
Music Supervisor: Edna Pletchetero and John Best
Motion Designers: Romain Lamy, Cindy Lo and Emilie Pigeard
Motion Designer Assistant: Tamara Hoogeweegen
Visual Artist: Marta Giralt Dunjó
Graphic Designer: Tamara Hoogeweegen
Archive research: Candyce Dryburgh, Tamara Hoogeweegen, Marta Giralt Dunjó
With underwater footages by Dr. David Gruber
With footages by NASA
Web Design: Studio Myers
ISO logo and Hollywood Bowl Logo by David Benqué